The Bright Eyes Kit

Love those funky party eye wares? Here is a team from the UK who have made it cooler. The team we are talking about is “Technology Will Save Us” and their product is the Bright Eyes Kit. The Bright Eyes Kit is basically an eye ware which has LEDs on it. To be exact, 174 LEDs. These LEDs are arranged in rows across the eyewear. There are gaps between the rows to let one see. Thats it, any eye ware with LEDs? Well, there is more to the Bright Eyes Kit. Like the name suggests, it is a kit. The kit basically contains the eye ware, few wires and a SD player. The eye ware is made up of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with all the electronics embedded on it. One just has to assemble the eye ware and connect it to the SD player using the wires. And you are ready to go.

According to guys at Technology Will Save Us, the kit is more than a fashionable eyewear. The main purpose of the kit is to inspire people to learn programming. Well how do they do it? To start with, there are three levels of programming one can do with the kit. First one being the entry level, where one just has to drag and drop pre written programs onto the macroSD card. Well that is not exactly programming, but does give a feel that we are doing something geeky (or not). The second level does involve writing some codes. The programming is done using Arduino, which is an open source software. You can program the eyewear to respond to inputs and doe some simple stuff. Now the third level, guys at Technology Will Save Us call it the Hard-core level. You can program the eyewear to do anything that you want, even display a message. According to the developers, even detect the CO2 level around you and display it on your eye ware. Sounds too complicated to do? Don’t worry, there are video tutorials from the developers which will teach you how to.

The eyewear is certainly a cool thing to have, even if you are not interested in programming. Something flashy to have on while partying or pretty useful while trying to find your way back home through a dark alley after one. The Bright Eyes Kit is expected to be available in 2013.