The Internet of Things: A Trillion Dollar Market

Vala Afshar , Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme Networks talks about The Internet of Things in 2014. His presentation on slideshare gives an insight about various ongoing projects that are going to revolutionize our day today lifestyle activity. All of these devices can be monitored via smartphones, tablets or laptops. The Internet of Things will be a trillion dollar market says Vala.

This is going to create a world that can be controlled through various devices. Vala also said “There will be 40 times more devices than people on the internet in 2020”. 10 things of internet that will take you to the showcase of near future are listed below:



HAPIfork is designed with the thought “Eating too fast leads to poor digestion and poor weight control”. HAPIfork is an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It alerts you with the help of an indicator light and gentle vibration, when you are eating too fast. It monitors fork servings, time taken per fork serving and interval between fork servings. This information is then uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to to track you progress.

Smart Tooth Brush


Beam leads oral care digital health with the Beam Brush, a connected toothbrush that engages users with their daily hygiene routine. Beam is the proud innovator of Beam Tooth Brush that keeps track of your oral hygiene. It monitors time you take for brushing your teeth and brush movement. This device is associated with an app that displays your brushing session results.

Glucose Meter

Glucose meter

This is a cellular-powered glucose meter transmits each test result to a secure server and provides instant feedback and coaching to patients. Glucose Monitoring is a comprehensive solution that enables people with diabetes, their families, and their care-team to better manage the condition. This breakthrough, equips doctors, nurses, diabetes educators and other care providers with real-time clinical data for the first time. One needs to insert the test strip and then take a test. Results are instantly displayed on smartphones. One also gets to track their progress history by logging into their Teleserve account.

Smart Sprinkler Control


Lono lets you control your sprinkler system anywhere, anytime with your smart phone. And the things that should be automated finally are. This device saves time, energy and water. Through various modes and zones user can choose when he wants to turn on the sprinkler and in which zone. There is a 24 hour snooze feature that lets you delay watering.



Who wouldn’t want to take control of their house, gadgets and appliances just by moving their hands. Sounds interesting? Here is the device that understands your hand movements and work accordingly. Nod seamlessly transforms your movements into commands. It brings the world around you to life, as you control everything from your laptop to your living room lights with a wave of your hand. It works with the ever-expanding number of smart devices and objects around us, you can use Nod everywhere. Nod simply and easily integrates with all your stuff, wherever you go – provided, of course, that you bring your hands with you.

Smart Lights


Smart Lights are wireless LED light bulbs where hue comes to life. It comes with Tunable white light and every color you can imagine. Turn on the Wifi and connects to these lights and then you can monitor and manage these lights through your smartphone. You can dim them, flash and customize colors depending on your mood. Hue light bulbs are available in E26, E27, GU10 and BR30 formats. So now, if you need a spotlight or a ceiling light, hue can do that too.

Smart AC


Aros claims to be world’s smartest AC. It learns from your budget, location, schedule, and usage to automatically maintain the perfect temperature and maximize savings for your home. Aros can also be controlled from anywhere using the Wink app on your mobile device. So you get to turn on your AC before you reach home to get that perfect temperature. Its innovative design features upward airflow that leads to increased circulation.

Smart Shirt


Omsignal shirts are the first Biometric Smartwear Collection. It is attached to a small black device that constantly collects data and same can be viewed and analysed on your smartphone app. It offers various modes to monitor your work out and day to day activity. Lifestyle mode monitors your body’s energy, physical stress and activity levels, offering continuous insights throughout the day, allowing you to live a more balanced and focused life. It offers Real-time insights and alerts respond to your biometrics – heart rate, breathing rate, and volume and intensity levels. Same can be tracked via a smartphone. This smartwear helps maintain correct posture improves blood circulation, fights ordor and many more features. This can be easily washed just like your other clothes.

Posh iMirror


Posh iMirror is a smart mirror that can easily be converted into a digital advertising platform. It detects proximity and functions like a mirror and when not in use it gets converted into a digital advertising platform. They can easily be monitored and customized via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Designed to impress, the POSH iMirror doesn’t require any additional power needs and can run through a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. With a number of customizable interactive interfaces to choose from, the POSH iMirror transforms your mirror into a time saving, revenue generating necessity.

Smart Socks


Sensoria socks are infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors. They are paired with a Bluetooth Smart cool and detachable anklet that not only delivers superior accuracy in step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking, but goes well beyond that to track cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution on the foot as you walk and run. This smart socks helps you identify injury_prone running styles, when connected to smartphone app it also provides audio support. The Sensoria® Fitness app will be available for iPhone (iOS 6 and above), Android (OS 4.3) and Windows Phone 8.x.