The Most Hygienic Way To Flush Your Toilet [Android App]

The Japanese are known for their love of technology. Their love for technology has led them to integrate it with all aspects of their life. This also involves their obsession with high tech toilets. It is no secret that in Japan there are toilets which come with heated seats and can do all kind of things with just a click of a button. But these still involved you touching the toilet. For those who follow good hygiene, this might be a concern. So here is a new high-tech toilet from Tokyo-based Lixil, called Satis. What’s special about this toilet? Well, basically it prevents you from touching the toilet using your hands. How? It employs a technology, which we have been using a long time. The tech used is Bluetooth. But connect with what using Bluetooth? Your Android smartphone obviously. Satis comes with an android app called “My Satis”, using which you can access all functions of the toilet.

So now comes the question of what it can do. To start with, the basic functions found on all high tech toilets, that is, flush, raise the seat and activate a bidet jet stream with a click on the Android app. Other functions also include, heating the seat, spray deodorizers and play music. Yes it has inbuilt speakers. Not impressed? There is more. Satis will automatically detect you as you approach, using Bluetooth of course. It will even detect if you are standing or sitting, and will automatically change the options visible on the Android app. The app can also tell you, how many times you have visited the toilet. Yes, a sort of toilet diary. Add to that, It will tell you the electricity and water usage of the toilet. So, Satis is a toilet which will do all your dirty work and will also care about you.

The Satis range consists of three models, G, S, and E type. Top of the range is the G type, which according to Lixil, “Equipped with a new cleaning methods to wash away quietly and powerfully”. Then there is the S type, which releases “Plasmacluster ions” when closed. These ions eradicate any bacteria or germs which will make their way on the toilet. The last is the E type, which is the economy model. It will have the common functions, but will lack bacteria killing ability and “powerful cleaning” technology found on the other two models.

Satis range will be available from February 2013. If you are thinking of buying one of these it will set you back quite a lot. With a starting price of ¥199,500 ($2,385) and going up to ¥389,550 ($4,657), these are not exactly cheap. But sure are worth the price.