The new iMac (2012)


Apple has launched their new and updated iMac lineup at an event held at San Jose, California on the 23rd. The iMac lineup was being updated after a long gap of nearly 2 years. Highlight of the new iMac is its sleek and thinner design.The entire aluminum body is seamless, except for a service pane on the back. Apple has done away with the optical drive which in turn helped them slim down the body. The usual set of ports can be found on the back of the body. You now get 4 USB3 ports and 2 Thunderbolt ports along with the Gigabit Ethernet, XDSC slot and Headphone jack. Apple has managed to keep the thickness at the tapered edges to a bare minimum of 5mm.

In spite of the rumors doing rounds, Apple did not introduce the Retina display into the iMac lineup. Instead the new iMac’s come with a fully laminated LED-backlit IPS panel, another factor that helped in thinning down the machine.Optical lamination, just as we’ve seen on the iPhone 5 screen, brings the LED IPS and cover glass together into a single piece of glass, for what Apple says has 75% less glare over the previous models.  You get 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution on the 21.5-inch iMac and 2560 x 1440 resolution on the 27-inch iMac. The colours look better and details look sharper on this new screen.

As far as the internals go, Apple has upgraded the processors to the new Ivy Bridge lineup. New iMacs are available in both quad-core i5 and i7 flavours with a GeForce GT 640M/650M graphics card. The new models come with 8GB of RAM as standard, although the larger 27-inch versions are more easily expandable thanks to the two additional memory slots. 1TB of storage comes as standard on all models.The higher-end models can upgrade to a 3TB hard drive, 768GB of flash storage or one of Apple’s new Fusion drives. This new Fusion drive system fuses a 128GB SSD hard drive along with a 1TB or 3TB HDD. This combination can thereby increase the speed and effeciency of the iMac’s hard drive

Standard features across all models include HD webcam, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. All iMacs come with a Wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse. Prices start from $1299 for the base model 21.5-inch and $1799 for the 27-inch base model. The 21.5″ starts shipping from next month whereas the 27″ will be available from December.