The Useless Web

We all know how big the web is and it is growing. Each day new data makes its way into this dimension and is accessed by millions. New webpages sprout up everyday, some useful and some not. Useful pages are easy to find, but what about those which are purely for entertainment (which some might call useless !)? Well, there is a webpage which basically lets you find these webpages. What is it called ? It is rightfully named “The Useless Web” ! One just has to click on “Please” and the webpage will direct you to a “Useless” webpage. The thing is, you can’t choose which one, and that makes it fun to use. Some of these so called “Useless” pages are really good. For example ““, where dots split into smaller dots when you hover your cursor over them. After quit a lot of dot splitting, you can see a pic of a cute dog or a panda (might have more photos). And there are also some pretty useless sites like ““, which rightfully answers “YES”, duh! Frankly, “The Useless Web” is a must visit if you are dead bored and just want to pass time, you might like some of these sites. Time for me to explore some more.

via TheVerge