Sony Xperia Z Tablet Takes Lean To A New High

sony xperia z tabletThe race to have the leanest and the meanest tablets seems to be the watchword for the tablet market in recent heydays. The Apple iPad mini was the start of it all. But just when we thought, it cannot get meaner than this, Sony released a brand new Sony Xperia Z tablet which now is arguably the thinnest tablet in the world with a thickness dimension that would leave the world’s slimmest actresses panting for it.

Xperia Tablet Z is just 6.9mm thick, which is 0.3mm less than the 7.2mm-thick iPad mini — previously the thinnest tablet from international players. The tablet is said to be waterproof and dustproof, which incidentally I will review soon enough. Sony has dynamically changed the design it normally follows for its tablets to manufacture this thin slice of a tablet.

This tablet apparently comes with a brand new feature called S-Force Front Surround 3D which is said to convey even the movement of sound. It also supports LTE and Near Field Communications (NFC), which again seems to be on everything these days. Currently the Sony Xperia Z tablet is being targeted at the Japanese market.