Thinnest Watch On Earth: CST 01 At CES 2013

cst 01 thinnest watch on earthCES 2013: The hub is bustling with activities in the areas of consumer electronics. As covered in the coverage pages till now, the major electronic segments making major noises at the show are ultra HD Television, chips, alternate technologies, gadgets etc.

At CES 2013 I happened to come across this marvel of engineering design in watches. Now watches have been always a definite weakness for me and when I did check this one out, I could not stop going over it. Watches although not a conventional part of consumer electronics show are making quite a splash this time. And this one is special because it is the thinnest watch on earth from Central Standard Timing in partnership with E-ink.

The CST 01 is 0.80mm thick. Imagine a watch that is thinner than your credit card and the CST 01 is exactly that.

According to Central Standard Timing, the patent-pending CST-01 is assembled by laminating thin, flexible components into a 0.5mm pocket etched into a single piece of flexible stainless steel. This is purportedly different than traditional digital watches which typically use the same form factor of an analog watch.The CST-01 also uses an embedded Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell that charges in 10 minutes from an external dock and has a lifetime of 15 years. All CST-01 watches are planned to be assembled in the USA. Pre-orders for the thinnest watch on earth starts at $129 and the device is expected to ship in quarter 2 of 2013.

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