Third party Maps Application, offered exclusively on iTunes.

We recently mentioned about a remedy regarding the replacement of iOS, but obviously Google Maps as web-application will not work as we have been using them in the past firmware and due to this problem the upgrade to iOS 6 has been the greatest mistake made by the users as of now and apart from that Apple Maps have been criticized from almost every part of the world.


In a recent news report, Bloomberg mentioned that Apple Maps were not able to locate their headquarters in New York. If that’s the situation in US then you can very well presume the ides about rest of the world. Now keeping all the criticized points in mind, Apple decided to create another section of the third party Maps application, where the users can get the alternative to the Apple Maps.


This category might not be available for the iTunes Store of all the countries, so the other users can click here to get access to this category of application. Well these applications are decent when it comes to United Sates, but still stand nowhere in front of Google Maps. Still they are better and good alternative to poor Apple Maps.

List of the following applications are mentioned below (This list may vary from region to region).

  • Waze Social GPS Traffic
  • Navigon USA
  • Megallon RoadMate
  • Garmin USA
  • MapQuest
  • Sygic
  • Bing
  • Co-Pilot Live Premium USA.

Well they are highly effective in US. Other countries cannot rely much on them also, so they have only one option which is the combination of faster internet and Google Web-app and in that solution also they cannot rely on the GPS surveillance. Please let us know for any further queries.