Timbuk2 Power Commute- Charged Your Device While You Carry Them Around

If you are a daily user who loves to carry his gadgets along like Laptops,Cameras,Tablets or Smartphone but when you want to use it ,Suddenly find out that there is no charge in the device and you get upset.Well don’t worry here is the solution for you,The new Timbuk2 power commute.
You get a sturdy weatherproof construction, padded compartments for your 15-inch laptop and tablet and a pair of faux-fur lined pockets for storing phones and PMPs. Plus, there are myriad internal options for holding cables, peripherals, pens, drinks and anything else you find yourself lugging around on the daily. The new version differs from Timbuk2’s standard laptop messenger in its coloration (exclusively black and gunmetal gray with green accents) and exchanges one of the interior water bottle pockets for a power pack pouch.

The bag’s equipped with thoughtful touches like the Napolean pocket up front — which keeps often used sundries like gum or a transit card handy — that’s accessible even when the bag’s top flap is shut.

Of course, the main appeal of the Power Commute lies in its waterproof Joey T1 power supply, which Timbuk2 claims can recharge most phones twice. In an effort to minimize waste, the Joey doesn’t come with a wall plug. Instead, the company figures you can use your phone’s unit to charge it up via micro-USB. The Joey outputs electricity through a standard USB 2.0 port, and charging starts when you plug in any device — the Joey’s onboard circuitry handles the rest.

This is definitely an awesome device which gives you multiple service of charging your devices on the go and carrying your devices around in the cool stylish bag. It is available with the price range of 199$  from REI or Timbuk2’s website.