Too Big a Beast-The Samsung Galaxy Note II


“Is that 5.5” thing a phone?”,if you hear people say something like that then you can be cent percentage sure they are talking about your Galaxy Note II.The recently released Galaxy Note II comes in two colours-marble white and titanium grey, with 4G LTE,1.6GHz Quad Core Exynos Processor, Jellybean and a HD Super MOLED display.The stir it is expected to create in the market will demand the other providers to quickly jump into the 5″ + sector.Samsung describes its product as an Everyday Creativity Enabler.

In general terms, the best features of this Phablet are the extremely powerful processor, 2Gb RAM, multi-touch, optimised S-pen with a hover and open drop down menu feature. An interesting addition to its features is the inclusion of a barometer which is used to measure pressure.Why would you want a pressure measuring device on your phone?the answer is to make your GPS location more precise.The barometer along with the GPS feature helps find your altitude and location more accurately and other device to boast of it is the Galaxy Nexus.

Air view/Hover will be highly useful for the sites with drop downs. You can just hover the s-pen and drop down menu appears. Impressive that only the Note 2 is capable of doing this.The Air view feature allows you to see videos by just hovering over them.
The screen recorder feature is brilliant and the device is good for your long travel with superb battery back up, a 3D gallery and no lag at all.The 8 megapixel camera with flash is good  which beats its predecessor the Note I and is similar to the Galaxy S3, with low noise level and good colour.The phone allows simultaneous 6Mp photography and 1020p HD recording with pause feature.The 1.9megapixel front camera is same as the Galaxy 3.

With the 16/32/64 Gb In-built memory with expandable support up to 64 Gb this beast will never let you run low on memory. On the connectivity side it features Bluetooth, USB 2.0 Host Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 & 5 GHz), Wi-Fi HT40 Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, S Beam. The S Beam works in limes with Android Beam – Tap the two phones till the tap is registered and then select the file to be shared. Samsung says that S Beam will allow Galaxy Note II to exchange a 1GB movie for three minutes and a 10MB music file for two seconds without any pairing or lengthy setup.

Coming to the beast part of the device.The phone is thinner and has been vertically stretched for better palm-grip.It tends to bridge the gap between the smartphone and the tablet.The phone fits into your pocket but is a tough job to take it out while you are sitting. Also the large size makes it tough to use with one hand but then you cannot utilise the full features without the S pen with one hand. So the final verdict regarding the size is left to the user with the big screen being good for reading or performing creative jobs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price in India is Rs.35000.