Top 4 Phones in INDIA

Rank 1 – iPhone 4


Now seeing this phone on the top, you may have two questions in mind. Firstly, how can this phone with such a low processor configuration and small screen size can be here on the top or how this phone is being placed before iPhone 4S. Well, I will be answering to all those questions later in this post.

I agree that iPhone 4 does not have a high-end processor, but most of the users don’t know that iPhone doesn’t need one. Now, when I have been using iPhone and reviewing most of the iOS applications, I have observed one thing that iOS does not require a high-end processor; its Single Core Cortex A-8 is enough to run iOS smoothly on iPhones. Whereas when we start considering Android phones, then you must have observed that whether you do for a phone worth 5k or 40k, they both have a common problem of UI lag. Samsung S3 uses a quad core processor but still can’t get rid of UI lag.

Its screen-size (a mere 3.5 inches) may be a negative point, but all the other positive points overcome this. Now when everywhere large screen phone are seen iPhone seems to be a smaller phone, but then its small screen size offers better portability (unlike Samsung Galaxy Note, where your one hand cannot do anything on its own)

Most of the experts say that a raw Android OS will perform better on these hardware specifications but when then phone manufacturing firm put their skin over this OS, which is responsible for the UI lag.

Another reason of putting Apple over other is the availability of applications, which is pretty huge as compared to Android (Google Play), Symbian (Ovi Store), Windows Phone (Windows Phone Marketplace) or Blackberry App World.

A superior after sale service, Apple will never open your phone and repair, once it confirms any hardware problem in your iPhone it will replace it with a new or a refurbished phone (this feature is not available in any other phone manufacturing firm in our country.

Lastly, I would like to talk about one of the biggest misconception in the usage of iPhone. Generally when a normal (non-geeky user) uses a phone, he/she complains that Apple does not allow the users to use their phone freely, you cannot increase the number of application on the dock or you cannot add any shortcut in the notification center to operate certain applications quickly and there are many more, but all of these things can be easily done, once you jailbreak your phone (you will not lose any warranty, we will talk about this in other post).

Rank 2 – iPhone 4S


This Apple phone which has come after iPhone 4 lands up at the second place, major reason being its screen size and mobile design are same in every aspect but Sound level, Brightness level, Camera specification (to 8 MP) and the processor ( to dual core Cortex A-9) has been improvised but the battery backup is still the same (1432 mA). This is a great disadvantage after buying this phone, no matter how many precautions your take, how many tips you follow, battery will not last long more than one and half day.

Moreover its price is exceptionally high looking at the features which are available in iPhone 4 which has been priced adequately. Reason for putting this phone above android phones is due to the fact of the Apple App Store and other advantages of iOS which has been already mentioned above.

I can give you a handy example to believe the reason for putting Apple products above Android phones. Install Temple Run on iPhone and on any other Android and you will definitely know the reason for putting iPhone above Android.

Rank 3 – HTC One X


Well after a long time, there is an Android phone which meets the expectations of most geeks. Nvidia Tegra 3 and Quad-Core may be common to your now, but the poly-carbonate body is a special type of body which does interfere with the network reception of the antenna in the mobile. Its screen size is also decent (which is 4.7 inches). It comes in white colored body which will reveal more white part, if got scratched.

HTC is well-known for its best Android as per the looks and as compared to other phones it had highest lag in its UI. But some of the users claim that this has been considerably reduced, but not completely (don’t worry it is tolerable). Another important point to note is that is supports Micro SIM only and the slot to put the SIM is not more below the battery. It is available on the top edge of the body and can be inserted similarly as done in case of iPhone. Screen is covered with Gorilla glass coating and it has Super LCD2 display, so clarity is obvious.

Rank 4 – Samsung Galaxy 3


Reasons for putting this phone at this rank are many. Let us take them up one by one, Samsung has priced this product wrongly, the phone mentioned just above this one, has been priced 2000 INR (approx) below Samsung galaxy S3, but that phone offers lot more offered by this phone.

  • Its camera features miss many things such as Dedicated Imaging Chip and Continuous Shooting.
  • Its inbuilt memory is also low as compared to HTC One X (16 GB and 32 GB respectively) but can be upgraded to 64 GB with external memory.
  • HTC one X has more powerful processor as compared to this (small difference).

Apart from these technical specs, its body finish is also not very much appealing as compared to HTC. Samsung has never even come closer to what HTC provides in terms of physical appearance of the phone. But Yes, Battery Backup, Secondary camera and OS (most recent) are better in Samsung Galaxy S3. They will have to work on the phone designed if they want to keep up with the expectations of the users and avoid the monotone.