Top 5 Bikes In India: 2013 Best Buy Guide

You might have seen me covering quite a bit on the top of the things to look out for in the machine world and the technologies associated with them in 2013, in the last few days which included the Top 5 Technologies To Look Out For In 2013, Top 5 Laptops To Buy amongst others. Today on my top of the line guides for 2013 let me take you through the new bikes that are expected on the roads in 2013 and why you should consider one of these as your next best buy, if you are thinking of getting yourself a beast on the road this year.

While a number of motor machines are being readied for launch in 2013 and a lot of them are sure to attract your attention I zeroed in upon this best buy guide after evaluating them upon scales of their manufacturer brand dependency, on and off road performance potential and a rider’s perception of the satisfaction each of these machines could deliver on a ride.

MachineHappy Speak:

1. KTM 390 Duke:  KTM made a good decision when it entered the Indian motorcycle market with the Bajaj KTM 390 Dukejuggernaut. It has also served its presence good by positioning the Indian launches in the affordable mid-range segment without moving into the very high end of the motorcycle market. The KTM 390 Duke is expected to be out in the market by April 2013 carries this strategy of KTM ahead with a price tag of 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 which is an affordable range for a bike that packs in so much.

Specs Speak: The KTM 390 Duke packs in a heavy punch inclusive of 44PS of power at 9,500rpm and 35Nm of torque at 7,250rpm, weighing just 139kg (dry), translating to a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio of 316.5PS/tonne. These specs are enough to set ones pulse throbbing to get it and take it for a ride soon.

Bike Cut: The KTM 390 Duke is again coming in with the Bajaj-KTM combo offering which implies it has the international branding supremacy of KTM with the Indian brand trust of Bajaj, making it a formidable consideration if you are buying a bike that has the styling of an international road bike and the dependency of a bike that can be driven in India.

Price Speak: The KTM 390 Duke is reportedly coming with a price tag of 2,00,000 to 2,20,000 INR

2.Pulsar 375The Biker Boys of India, Bajaj will be coming up with the most powerful version of its immensely popular Pulsar series, the Bajaj Pulsar 375. In design I daresay the Pulsar 375 does appear similar to the KTM Duke 390 at a first glance. But that’s just at a first glance. Look at it again and you get the viewpoint that only a Pulsar elicits in the Indian biking scenario.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375NSSpecs Speak: The Pulsar 375 carries a 375cc, triple-spark, single-cylinder engine.The Pulsar 375 will produce a power ouput of around 32 BHP and a torque output of around 25 Nm. Powerful statistics, in fact, the most powerful features from the Pulsar family outline the Pulsar 375 and are sure to give the roads quite a blister.

Bike Cut: The Bajaj Pulsar 375 is sure to heat up the competition in the Indian bike market because its got Bajaj’s inimitable power packed specs in it and secondly as all pulsars till date it definitely promises to be a balanced, poised and powerful ride through the roads.

Price Speak: The Bajaj Pulsar 375 is expected to be priced in between 1,50,000 to 1,75,000 INR.

3.Hyosung GV 250The only cruiser ride that I am listing out in my Top 5 roundup. The Hyosung GV 250 is a low seater comfortable cruiser especially built for highway rides. Hyosung has a good lineup of cruisers in its repertoire and the GV 250 is one of the best in i

Hyosung gv 250

ts class. Expected somewhere around the earlier parts of this year this one will be a hot seller for sure.

Specs Speak: The Hyosung GV 250 is a 5 speed ride that houses power upto 28.5 Bhp at 10000 rpm. The bike weighs around 167 kg which is much lighter than a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 which is expected to be its major competitor. It has a ground clearance of 155mm which makes it more steered towards Indian roads. All in all the specs speak promise a pure Indian cruiser bike in the Hyosung GV 250.

Bike Cut: The Hyosung GV 250 has the korean powerhouse Hyosung’s trusted engineering behind it and with the specification bearings that it has upon it is a definite cruise rider that will be comfortable and have a powerful riding stance on a cruise in the Indian roads. I specifically like its low seat stance that allows a laidback riding position and also a easy twist and turns handling experience.

Price Speak: The Hyosung GV 250 is expected to be priced below 2,00,000 INR on introduction.

4.Kawasaki Ninja 300RThe Kawasaki Ninja 300 R is expected to be released by June 2013. Once a symbol of the fastest bike in the world, the Kawasaki Ninja has in recent times tried to go lower down in market. This ride offers great styling, race inspired controls and a superbike aura that speaks volumes about its more powerful models.

kawasaki ninja 300RSpecs Speak: The Kawasaki Ninja 300R carries a 4 stroke parallel twin liquid cooled engine with a maximum power of 29kw at 11000 rpm. The bike weighs 172 kg / 174 kg (ABS) which gives a stable balance to its higher speed rides. The Kawasaki Ninja 300R sports digital ignition with electric starting option alone provided.

Bike Cut: Any bike from Kawasaki gives a rider the sports bike quotient and the Ninja is one of the best that Kawasaki has ever manufactured in its stables. It is symbolized the world over as a sports bike and a ride worth having and by the changes made in it for the Indian roads is sure to find a hot spot with Indian riders too. This beauty is coming to the roads by June 2013.

Price Speak: The Kawasaki Ninja 300R is expected to be priced at 3,00,000 INR or a little more.

5.Honda CBR 500R: The Honda CBR is the flagship line of sportsbikes from the Honda stables. For the hardcore Honda-CBR-500Rriders in India this one is a sure must have considering its reputed ancestry as well as the specs that it features which are truly some of the very best in its genre.

Specs Speak: The Honda CBR 500R features a DOHC liquid cooled engine which generates 46 bhp of power with a 6 speed manual gearbox and has a top speed of around 168kmph.

Bike Cut: With its predecessors doing so good and being a rage amongst young bikers the Honda CBR 500R is also expected to do well especially with its good looking designing and effective performance engineering, this bike once launched will surely be one of those to check out for a best buy.

Price Speak: The Honda CBR 500R is expected to be priced above 3,00,000 INR.