Top 5 Technologies To Look Out For In 2013

In an earlier publication wherein I rounded up the Top 5 Techologies that left a mark in 2012 you went through what were the major or minor technolgy events that held a promise for the future. Today let me take you through a sneakpeek at the technologies and trends that would make the future in 2013. As I keep saying apocalypse 2013 may be or may not be, but these technologies and trends will definitely be there to view and use this new year 2013.

Here are the top 5 technolgies and trends  that will leave you expecting and wishing for more:

  1. 3D Printers 
  2. Blackberry 10 OS
  3. Google TV
  4. NFC
  5. Augmented Reality Location Based Services 

These technologies and trends are set to make a splash in 2013 and would be sure to become mainstream utilities and looked up to areas in the technology market primarily linked to the consumer market. A one on one with these technologies can be viewed at the machinehappy speak below.

MachineHappy Speak:

3d printer1. 3D Printers: 3D printers are expected to make a mark in the printing markets in 2013. 3D printers allow you to give shape to all your designs, be it as benign and abstract and hence are definitely much better choices for a future where in we would like to give shape to our imagination. There are a number of 3D printers and printing businesses into 3D printing, however 3D printing as a concept in the mainstream is still to take off. The year of 2013 could well see an entry of 3D printers with easy mobility options which could be a popular home printer option as well.

2. Blackberry 10 OSThe yesteryear smartphone leaders Research In Motion has got a lot riding on its Blackbery 10 OS and the new Blackberry phones to be launched with Blackberry 10 os. Blackberry 10 is being seen as a last and final attempt by Research In Motion to stabilize and gain a better global market share in the forthcoming years. So needless to say that the positive or negative market repercussions of the Blackberry 10 launch will have a very high impact on the future of Blackberry and Research In Motion. Blackberry 10 is reportedly carrying a much different user interface from the Blackberry 7 OS and it would be interesting to watch how Research In Motion has designed the user interface to handle a transition into the 10 OS. The Blackberry 10 is slated for release across the cities of Dubai, Toronto, New York, London, Paris and Johannesburg at the end of January.

3. Google TVThe television market has undergone a vast shift with respect to user demands. Today users expect not Google TVjust clarity and the high end configuration a television must have, apart from these the demand for quality contents and mind boggling array of utility apps on the T.V is high. As such in this regard the Google TV had made its debut in the last year. LG has been the major mover in introducing Google TV via its TV products. With the TV market in a revival mode, and all major manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony gearing up for the fight ahead Google TV looks set to feature high in the TV market in 2013. 

4. NFC (Near Field Communications): Near Field Communications is sure to play a major part in the consumer electronics market in 2013. Near Field Communications has widely been used in coupon trading as well as payments in the past. But in 2013 I expect Near Field Communications to make quite a splash in the way smartphones , gaming devices etc are manufactured and used. It’s already in Nintendo’s Wii U. Further usage may be seen tap-to-share applications such as easily syncing phones with a car, transferring video playback from a smartphone to a tablet.

5. Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is set to feature in almost all major consumer electronic goods considering most manufacturers are already optimizing augmented reality, visual display and camera performance. Nokia recently launched the City Lens app, in its Lumia suite of devices. Location based services which are and will be in vogue in the coming years are integrating augmented reality to offer the next generation of GPS based services. Companies like Hover are already working upon augmented city based services, so 2013 should be the year wherein we see a lot of Augmented Reality.

These are the Top 5 Technologies that I am sure we will see more of in 2013. Wishing all the MachineHappy readers a Happy New Year and stay tuned for more.