Top Five Headsets: Pick Of The Best

A lazy evening and you have nothing to do. What else do you do but whip out your music device of choice, maybe the iPhone, an android device, your laptop or anything that enables music playback from the endless list of machines that shake a leg with music. But imagine your headphone jars your ear or even worse distorts your favourite music. You might have the choicest swear words streaming out of your mouth piece but then that’s the moment you should remember its your fault. Most of us think a lot and place much importance about getting that perfect music playback device and even the speaker systems when it comes to that. But when it comes to hearing music on the move or even alone and we need to use our headphones or sets we end up not going too into the details of them. MachineHappy therefore brings to you this exclusive round up wherein we list the top headsets of the world for your benefit and for you to pick for a happy music experience.



Have you joined the Beats Army Today? This would be a question that Beats asks everyone. Well if you haven’t, you sure are missing something. Beats Wireless would be one of the best pick of the most well performing headsets in this world.Whenever you see headphones from Beats, you don’t think about the price but the style, the look which is so elegant and definitely makes head turn. This is what matters. Sometimes It’s not just the price but the quality which is important and thats what beats is all about. Beats headphones are specifically known for their amazing features, sound clarity and effects. For why you should get them, check this quick look out.

Features: The Beats wireless is an amazing device which gives you the option of enjoying your music with and without cables. Also you can use the controls on the earcups to change songs or make calls. It has a battery life of 10Hrs which is really awesome. However the best feature on the beats wireless is that you can couple it with any Bluetooth device at a distance of 30 feet.
Price: This amazing piece of invention is available at a price range of $279.95 .

Bose Quiet Comfort 15

Quiet Comfort 15 is the pick of the best headphones from Bose. QuietComfort 15 headphones feature exclusive Bose advancements in noise reduction technology, making them the quietest headphones available. You will hear highly less noise and more of your music—with brilliant sound and a long-lasting comfortable fit. You won’t find this combination of benefits in any other headphones. When you hear them, you’ll understand the reason why everyone says,” Why Bose?”


  • Advanced noise reduction- helps to reduce noise across a wide range of frequencies which is ideal for home, work or travel, Lifelike sound-reveals even the most subtle nuances of your music and gives amazing live experience, Comfortable fit –provides high end comfort with its soft, around-ear cushions, Audio cables-which include two audio cables, one with mic/remote for iPhone®/iPod® control and hands-free iPhone calling, Battery-gives a high performance 35 hours of use on average from AAA battery.

Price- Quiet Comfort 15 is priced at $300

Grado GS 1000i
Grado isn’t one of the brands which most see around with people we know. It may not actually make it even in terms of user following. But it definitely is in the pick of the best in the world because of its exclusive nature. Not only in terms of its design but in terms of its performance on music. Grado is a high end luxury headsets made for the ears of those who need and can afford uber high end music experience. The Grado GS 1000i is in the pick of the best headphones because it is really special and what makes it special is that its designed and made out of luxury end wood. Featuring a new species of handcrafted Mahogany earpieces made using an intricate curing process, Grado has been able to optimize the tonal quality. The GS1000i uses new upgraded dynamic transducers and the new 8 conductor cable design. These design enhancements result in improved control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum with both better supporting the GS1000i’s new world renowned mid-range headgear offering.

Grado’s GS1000i cushion design actually creates a “room” for the ears to sit, creating a larger soundstage and greater spatial experience for the listener. By creating this “room” for the ears to sit, positioning of the cushions with regards to the ears (i.e., forward or back) the usual problem with any headset has been given a much needed answer, atleast to a point of adjustment.

Features: With its industrial design, we believe the GS1000i to be one of the most comfortable headphones on the market today.

  • The GS1000i retains a sound that is pure Grado, rich full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end.
  • The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep and the music is very tight and non-fatiguing.
  • All with a soundstage that is huge allowing for unbelievable separation and layering of the music which is simply stunning.

Price: This amazing headphone with Vented diaphragm, Wooden air chamber and other exclusive features  is available in the price range of $2195.

JBL J88i

JBL is one of the most well known and loved brands in the music systems and accessories market along with Bose. As such a feature like this one would be incomplete without a mention of the JBL J88i headsets.The premium over-ear headphones with JBL drivers, rotatable ear-cups and microphone are an amazing piece of work by JBL. With this baby you can party like an audiophile thanks to custom-engineered 2-inch (50-millimeter) drivers that produce high resolution, amazing clarity and deep, accurate JBL Pure Bass. You can check the scene with the DJ-pivot ear cups that flip up when you need to be aware of external sounds .Also never lose the beat with the convenient three-button remote control with microphone allows you to answer calls and then return to your music.


  • JBL J88i is loaded with lots of pick up features like the  Premium, high-performance JBL drivers, amazing Rotating, 180-degree DJ pivot mechanism, Soft leather ear cushions with closed-back design, Single-side detachable cable, Cable-locking mechanism, Gold-plated jack with extension ring and also adds on a padded carry pouch.

Price: JBL J88i is available at $149.95.
Sennheiser RS 220

Sennheiser is an elite when it comes to the headset market. All the players being covered in this feature are elites in their own right but Sennheiser stands as an elite in terms of its superior performance at the same time combining good price on this model RS 220.Based on the legendary HD 600 series, Senhesser’s RS 220 is masterpiece of sound output experience. It has uncompressed wireless audio transmission. Also the digital and analog inputs with mirrored output are mind blowing. It has simple charging on the hybrid transmitter/dock implying that the headset is hassle free on all ends of performance.


  • It has acoustics based on the HD 600 and HD 650.
  • Open-air, around-the-ear earcups.
  • Uncompressed digital audio transmission
  • Noise-free reception
  • Up to 300 ft range (line of sight), and 100 ft range (indoors)
  • Engineered for best performance in the same room as your high definition media
  • Easy on/off – simply press and hold the power key
  • Tactile buttons – adjust volume, audio source (input) and balance in the dark with ease
  • Luxurious velour ear pads
  • Simple recharging – simply dock the headphones on the transmitter/charging base
  • Fully adjustable headband with tension reducing spring-loaded earcup swivel mount

Price: The Sennheiser RS 220 can be yours at a price of $599.95.