Top Unique Consumer Electronic Products From CES 2013

CES 2013Consumer electronic products from high end manufacturers with glitzy shows and events is a common affair at CES. Knowing about smartphones, chips, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops is a common event. But along with these regular run of the mill consumer electronic products there are a number of interesting, unique and out of the ordinary consumer electronic products that are definite stunners even though their manufacturers are not what you would call household names. Heres a roundup of the unique and out of ordinary products from CES 2013.

Top Speak:

The following products make it to my round up of the top unique consumer electronic products at CES 2013.

  • Cheap Waterproof Smartphone Pouch
  • Bending LCD 
  • Sport Cameras
  • Pocket Printers

1.Cheap Waterproof Smartphone Pouch: Smartphone pouches are hardly the matter of epilogues from CES but this once in 2013, there were some really innovative and quirky ones around like DiCAPacwhich allows the use of your smartphone even under water. Now that is hardly the most functional of markets but then I am hardly in the look out for the best technologies in this feature presentation. Its the most quirky of products and accessories in this column and the DiCAPac waterproof pouch definitely is that considering it gives the best protection underwater to your smartphone and costs just a measly $45 compared to a Armor Series from OtterBox which costs a $100.

2.Bending LCD: The concept of having a display that could bend any way you want it to took the form of a real prototype in the form of the Youm Flexible Display by Samsung. In my friend Parth’s words, “Just imagine your smartphone or tablet rolled up in your pocket and carried any where you want”. He was one definitely excited about this off the road product because of the change event it could trigger in the space of smartphones and computing devices like tablets.

3.Sport Cameras: Unique sports cameras made a huge noise at CES 2013. While GoPro definitely sets the standard in this space, there were a number of competitors to it that have raced in out of the blues. Nowadays there are an array of devices to attach GoPro cameras to virtually any type of sporting equipment. However this out of the blue pieces are putting their acts together by moving into the 360 degree field of view as the Geonaute 360 sports camera that shoots from all directions.

4.Pocket Printers: This year at CES 2013 taking prints of your pictures came back into fashion again, courtesy amazing pocket friendly printers featured by LG specifically. The LG Pocket Photo was a cool, small and sweet device that should make a definite impact in the way we treat images today.

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