Toshiba’s Smartwatch- Get Notifications Directly On Your Wrist from Your smartphone


If till now you thought watches were just to show us time or set alarm or set a timer well it’s time to think again. We have seen in power ranger movies or some sci-fi movies what more features can be added to watches but never seen it it real. Well Toshiba has come out with the amazing idea of combining your wrist watch into a notification display device which collaborates with your android app and shows you notifications every time you get one. Thus it saves you the trouble of removing your cellphone from pocket every time you get a message,mail or any important notification.

20130108-625A1225VERGE_verge_super_wideThis new innovative wrist watch was attracting the tech fans at Toshiba’s CES booth this year. It has an OLED color display and ARM processor.The prototype itself felt solid, if unremarkable, but it seemed a bit more stylish than the average tech-focused smartwatch at first glance — the bands and colors felt similar to what you’d see on standard watches.

20130108-625A1221VERGE_verge_super_wideAccording to the display in Toshiba’s booth, the watch included a variety of different watch faces and featured a “web shop” for purchasing additional options, and an app will let you customize them to your liking. The time is set by whatever your phone is set to, and it includes built-in sensors to optimize the display for brightness and viewing angle. Once paired with your phone, the watch can alert you to calls, emails, calendar notifications, and can pull in news, weather, or even GPS directions. It also features a sensor that lets the watch recognize “its owners unique pulse pattern” — and if it doesn’t recognize that pattern, the smartwatch functions are disabled for security.

Unfortunately, there’s no sense of when this watch will be available to consumers or how much it’ll cost, but looking to the specs and features of this watch we would love to see it in the hands of the consumers really soon.


Source: TheVerge