Transporter Hard Drive Review: Transporting Data Worldwide

Remember Jason Statham from the infamous Transporter series wherein the Audi and Jason as Frank Martin transports anything anywhere and without asking any questions. Well the Transporter is now here in the data transfer and storage market too. And by the looks of it, definitely does a good transporter job sans the Audi even. The Transporter is a next generation storage drive that along with storing all your data also does a great job of transferring the data to other users. Now you would probably go whats the difference way. The Transporter not only transfers your data, it does so on a world wide scale. You could literally send your data to as many places as you want at the same time from wherever you are.

Whats The Transporter?

The transporter is an online but off the cloud storage device that allows for easy and secured storage, sharing over the globe. While one could probably argue that the cloud provides sharing and storage services worldwide as well and there are services like Dropbox which support these services very well indeed. But for all these services the baseline is that you need to pay a monthly or an yearly subscription. And lets face it, we hate that. The transporter presents a completely basic way of doing all of these at just an up front payment which makes it more like buying a 1 TB hard drive from the market.

Why The Transporter?

The most outstanding feature of why you could go in for the transporter is the security you like to be associated with your data. Transporter is more of a user controlled secure transfer tool that allows the user to share and protect the data shared via a invitation and sharing control tool not much unlike a sharing control or a friend invitation application of facebook.

Further to this while on the cloud or in online sharing the costing increases with the increase in the size of files being worked upon, implying that more the size more is the cost of sharing or storing, the transporter allows its users to buy it with a one time payment and use it for storing, sharing data of any sizes with other transporter users.

Whats More?

If you thought this was all then you were mistaken. The transporter also allows remote access to any data that you have on your device. You can sit in any part of the world and access your files just by being online. And in case you are in a place where internet accessibility is a none entity then you can just mark a few files for offline access and presto you can even look into the files without internet connectivity.

How To Transport?

The Transporter is as easy to use as using a wired or wireless hard drive. It follows the same principles and methodology.  You can check the following steps to use it:

  • The first step is to plug in the power and connect the transporter to a router or a switch
  • Secondly all the user has to do is to sign into a free online account and thats all, the transporter is ready to share, store and access. By using the online account the user can add other users with their transporters through invites which once accepted allows sharing of data between the two users and also allows access of data.
  • Furthermore all modifications to files and any new additions are automatically accessible by the shared users.
The transporter does come across as the Facebook of data storage,sharing and security, but everyone will have to wait for some more time to get their hands on it because as of yet this product is still in its beta testing phase. However it can be pre-viewed from kickstarter where it is currently listed for support pledges from the audience. If you are one of those like me who think its a home run on this device do go to kickstarter and support it.

For more check out the  live demo videos I have linked up below.

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