Tips To Save The Battery Of Your Phone!

Many major brands in the market have come up with smartphone with powerful OS such as iOS, Symbian and Android, which enable users to take pictures, play games, stream videos and access the internet. Owing to so many features in the handset, battery life remains a major concern for the users. On an average, the battery lasts for an average of 7-10 hours these days and here’s how you can improve the battery life:

  • Uninstall those unnecessary apps


Sometimes, people just open app and forget about closing them even though they aren’t needed. Your battery would be drained out with this ‘multi-tasking’ capability. The worst part is that the battery is getting drained unnecessarily. Some apps might not be having the option of uninstalling, just disable them.

  • No 3G/ 4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

When the phone searches for signals, lot of battery is drained. Repeated searches can get your battery down to half a bar in no time. If the phone isn’t connected, turning of the Bluetooth and  Wi-Fi is a good option. Another good option is turning on the ‘Airplane Mode’ – especially when you want to take a good, sound nap.

  • Try maintaining a cool temperature


Have you any time observed that the battery drains out fast if the smartphone is warm? Just leave your smartphone in a cool place and not in direct sunlight. This would bring in considerable battery savings. Always try to keep your phone away from sunlight to avoid battery heat up.

  • GPS must be disabled


There are certain applications that tend to consume more battery as compared to others. One such thing among the lot is ‘GPS’. Usually, GPS involves receiving and sending signals from satellites so that the exact location can be determined. Turn it off whenever you don’t need it and see how your battery lasts longer than usual.

  • Say goodbye to vibrations


Vibrations are good to notify about incoming messages or calls, but they aren’t necessary at all times. Vibrations tend to consume more power as compared to ringtones. Hence, avoid using them when not needed.

  • Dim your screen and shorten its timeout


The brightness of the screen drastically affects its battery life. Obviously, the power consumption would be reduced if the screen is dimmed. You can enable the setting in the Auto-Brightness option. One more thing that can be done is shortening the screen timeout.

  • Do not use voice controls


If you didn’t know, voice controls are considered to be the major cause of battery drain. Avoid using them unless and until they are super important. Voice controls are always waiting for you speak and hence, consume a lot of battery without even you noticing.

  • Use a static wallpaper


It is time to get rid of those animated and flashy screen savers if you wish to save some battery life. Often, animated wallpapers eat upto 50% of your battery life in few minutes. If you are using a device with super Amoled screen, you could even use an all black wallpaper to save battery further!

  • Minimize your notifications


With constant connectivity to the net, we always get notifications every now and then be it high scores, emails, add-ons, latest news and much more. However, no one would like receiving such notifications when the battery is about to get dead! So, save your battery and minimize your notifications now!