Turn Your iPhone Body Into A Touchscreen With Sensus Case

sensus caseCES 2013 is a no show for mobile manufacturers this time in Las Vegas, as most of the major players including Samsung, Apple not making plans for any major disclosures at the largest haven of consumer electronics on earth. However to make up for this, there are a number of mobile accessories that will be up on display at Las Vegas. As reported in the What To Expect At CES 2013 writeup, accessories are building up a definite noise at this year’s CES. One of the major accessory manufacturers, Canopy has put up the Sensus case for iPhone up for display at CES 2013.

And before you can put your heads up and say whats the big deal, its just a case,let me elaborate. The Sensus case isn’t just your average case. Its a case that extends the touch experience of the iPhone to its back and sides and does a magnificent job at that.

The Sensus Case integrates touch controls to the iPhone that extend beyond the screen. The touch experience with the Sensus extends to the sides and the back of the iPhone. This extension of the touch capabilities beyond the screen allows added capability for gaming as well as applications. The extended panels on the back and the sides of the case supports 10 points of input at one go.

The Sensus is manufactured by Minnesota based hardware company Canopy. In hands-on tests, the Sensus was highly responsive and accurate. Such levels of accuracy and responsiveness make it a great add on to the iPhone to not only play around with the games but also with the apps. The side and back panels add oodles to things that can be done with your iPhone like scrolling and paging through options etc.

For gaming, the Sensus’ back panel adds on value in terms of added controls as well as adding up on the comfort factor of utilizing your iPhone as a gaming console. Plus, it can be used to do different things than the front panel. The only hiccup as of now in using the Sensus for all its capabilities is that appropriate APIs have to be developed for the games as well as apps to integrate the Sensus panels.

The Sensus is a way to have the touch and feel of your iPhone over its entire body and not just at the screen. It is planned for release in summer 2013, and is also expected to retail for under $100. Canopy has definitely come up with an accessory worth mention but it remains to be seen how it is taken by the market.

For a peek at whats in store with the Sensus Case, check out this video.