USB On The Go (OTG)!!


OTG cable

OTG cable


OTG USB or the On The Go USB adapter is another feather in the Android Accesories market which is already wears a star studded crown.


The OTG cable provides complete flexiblity to the users and allows them to plug in their flash drives or as a a matter of fact any other USB Device to their Android.


USB OTG is a very special concept  under the USB umbrella .One of the main speciality of OTG is it acts as both slave aswell as master or a host device depending on the situation with regard to the type of device connected in question.

  At the core the OTG is basically a female USB drive that plugs into the standard mini USB slots of the android device.This adapter inturn enables the smartphone to become the host device thus communicating with the USB peripherals.


One of the primary letdown of the OTG is that its not provided with a list of android devices compatible with it which makes OTG  imperverished for the users to decide.

Technically speaking the USB OTG should be compatible with all android devices running 3.0 or above but some of the hardware manufacturers do not enable this option while manufacturing.

The following is the list of devices compatible with OTG according to various sources and my own testing.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Acer Iconia Tab A200
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500
  • Archos G9
  • Notion Ink Adam
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Toshiba Excite 10
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Sony Experia NXT Series(U,V,Sola)


 Compatible USB Peripherals

1.USB Flash Drive- Plug in any Flash drive and you can access all the files in the pendrive.If the device fails to recognize the Flash drive try using various android file explorer like Astro.

2.External Hardisk-External hardisk can be accessed only if the harddisk are powered by an external power source.

3.Mouse-Its just so astonishing when we try connect an external mouse to the device a small pointer appers on the device which can be navigated just like in any other conventional PC.

4.Card Readers-Its very helpfull for photographers who want to upload their high quality images shot using High Quality DSLR camera to thier social accounts or also showcase them during the business meetungs.

5.PS3 Controller-Samsung Galaxy S III Is by default compatible with the PS controller when we try to connect it we can easily navigate through the phones interface.We can also play certain games like Segas sonic with relative Ease.Other games dont fully support the PS3 controller.

(The above devices are the ones i am aware of please drop in your views or any additions to the list in the comments box)

PS 3 Controller Connected to samsung galaxy 3 S

PS 3 Controller Connected to samsung galaxy 3 S