Vessyl: Smart Cup That Can Identify Your Drink And Its Content


Vessyl was first announced in June by San Francisco-based startup Mark One. We call it a smart cup not just because it can be connected to smartphones via an app to track your calorie intake. It can function much deeper than we actually think. It is not one of those “internet of things” which has no practical use. This smart cup will not only identify and track what you drink and how much of it, but can do so on the fly as it senses the liquid type and breaks it down to its most vital components as soon as it interacts with the cup’s sensor-filled interior. The ultimate utility with Vessyl is not to provide novelty, but to transform how we consume every ounce of liquid throughout the day.


This may prove to be a breakthrough to inspire you to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. It may discourage you to drink soda and consume access caffeine. Vessyl looks like a regular thick tumbler that recognizes any beverage you pour into it, displays its nutritional content, and syncs all your drinking habits to your smartphone. It can even differentiate between Pepsi and Coke, Tropicana Orange Juice and Crush Orange Soda, Gatorade Cool Blue and Glacier Freeze. Vessyl recognizes many kinds of beer and wine. Perhaps more impressive, is that Vessyl actually measures and displays the nutritional content of any beverage on the spot, even your homemade smoothie. Which means Vessyl isn’t just drawing from its drink library when it displays nutritional data.

Lee (CEO Mark One) says: Vessyl can tell the difference between strong and weak coffee, noting caffeine disparities. It can even measure the sugar, protein, calories, fat, and caffeine inside any beverage you pour into it, mass-produced or homemade. As you go about your day, the device tracks how much you’re drinking, and when you tilt Vessyl to its back, it displays a bright blue line that rises and falls to indicate your hydration level.

Lee says: “Consumption is as important or more important as what we track through exercise, so we developed a sensor that could instantly analyze the nutritional content of what’s inside a beverage – on a molecular level.”

Lee has not disclosed the exact functionality of the smart cup. But he says “It’s the kind of sensor you’d use for quality control and the sensor doesn’t degrade. It’s non-contact.” Looking at the cup it is quite evident that there is no functionality of sampling.

Lee also spoke about Pryme. Pryme is a proprietary hydration metric calculated using your height, weight, and other characteristics that you enter into the Vessyl app. Vessyl automatically connects to your smartphone via a low energy Bluetooth to display the content of your drink, its nutitional value, calorie count and what was your total intake of it for the entire day. Including Pryme it also tells you how hydrated you are.  One 60-minute charge provides a week of power. The big idea is to help you stay better hydrated on a daily basis. Looking at the design it is hard to find any significant difference of this cup from ordinary cups and can be used daily.

Mark One has already put this device up for pre-orders. Vessyl costs $99 in initial pre-order price whereas its retail price would be $199.