Virtual Keyboard On Any Flat Surface: Magic Cube

The age of the tablets, smartphones although at its peak right now still isn’t able to replace the very basic amenities like that of a keyboard and a mouse. Especially for people like me who sleep and drink and everything on the system interface. And with a traveller like me the basic problem is even though I can carry around my tablet and smart interface around, for real time typing I always need a keyboard. The keyboard therefore is a necessary burden that has to be carried around. I am absolutely sure many of you like me fantasize about when we can just keep typing in air like a Tony Stark. The Microsoft Surface is there of course but for now maybe something more procurable for the common you is what we would like.

magic cube celluon

Magic Cube unveiled at CES 2013 does just that. The Magic Cube from Celluon on display at CES 2013 projects a virtual full keyboard as well a multi-touch mouse on just about any flat surface. The virtual keyboard and mouse appear in a red color as illuminated projections on the surface and touch movements are detected by an optical sensor.

Connectivity Speak: The Magic Cube can uses bluetooth to pair with your mobile device or USB to connect with an Windows or Mac computer. The device is compatible with iOS 4 or higher, Android 2.2 or higher, Mac OS 10 or higher, and all versions of Windows from XP to 7. The cube is compact and easier to carry around than carrying around a physical keyboard and mouse.

Utility Speak: The Magic Cube is definitely a high rater on the utility scale, considering it allows you to discount carrying around your physical keyboard and mouse. However as in a projected keyboard you cannot feel that you are typing of course but in this virtual keyboard you get a keying in sound that definitely helps with the feeling of typing.

Price Speak: Priced at $149 its a definite good seller from Celluon.

For more on how the Magic Cube works its magic check out this video.