Vuzix M100 smart glasses

There is a new smart glass in town, and it is set to give Google Glass a tough competition. The new smart glass is from Vuzix, makers of video eyewear. The M100 has a QWVGA display with 16:9 aspect ratio, a cam which can record @720p, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of flash storage, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth and runs  Android ICS. It has a volume rocker and a select button, which can be used to control apps. The apps can be downloaded onto the device. One can also control them using their smartphones. According to Vuzix, the battery will last upto 8 hrs while using hands free, 2 hours with hands free + display and 1 hour with hands free + display + camera. The one hour battery life seems too less when we consider the main purpose of the device. Availability wise, people who will purchase the SDK will receive an early production unit of the M100. The SDK is priced at $999, which in comparison to $1500 price tag of the Explorer edition of the Google Glass, seems cheaper. Availability date of the new glass is still unknow.

Via TheVerge

Source Vuzix