Waka Waka Power- The New Eco Friendly Solar Power Charger For your iphones and Tablets


The smartphones and tablets are the trending devices currently due to their amazing apps and lots of features they are loaded with.But the only drawback is after running many applications on your smartphones and tablets the battery really gets drained off and you are not able to use your devices when you need them the most. there are many alternative power sources like Phorce bags and Timbuk2 Power Commute  but still they require external power sources to charge them up. Have you ever thought if there is an alternative power source which is ecofriendly and uses solar power to charge your devices? The new Waka Waka power device is the new compact external power charger which charges your Tablets and iPhones using solar energy.

639a5a96093af32c3d553c54af6e7ae5_largeThe WakaWaka Power is a pocket size mini power station with super efficient solar cells and a power management system which ensures efficiencies which are up to 200% better than any other product in the market.  Apart from charging your smart phone, WakaWaka Power is also a light source which can provide you with more than 40 hours of excellent reading light (on a single day solar charge).

008c821e5b8a918f231dc3867a6e16b3_largeA fully charged WakaWaka will give you at least 2 hours extra surf & work time on your iPad (on full brightness). Just enough to finish that movie, send some mails in the train or bus or plane. It looks like a simple iphone case but is loaded with solar battery and six LED indicators out of which 4 are green indicator indicates the battery capacity. The one red LED indicate the solar charge and the other one blue LED indicates the USB charge. It is made up of recyclable material. Also the best feature about this charger is that you dont have to worry in a cloudy or dark day Waka Waka Power device works even in a cloudy or dark day.

Waka Waka Power Device has scored a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on amazon. The retail price for WakaWaka Power will be $79, starting from May 2013.