5 Weird Apps That Will Come Handy Very Often

5 Weirdly Useful Apps

A smartphone has become an integral part of our lives now.  There are apps for almost everything these days – fitness tracking, social networking, news etc. And then there are some completely useless apps.

Some apps might sound weird but come in handy very often in our lives. Here are 5 such weird apps that’ll be very useful, almost everyday!

  1. iFART

    Want to prank your friend? This app makes fart noises when the phone is moved. Just ask your friend to pick up the phone and when they do, it’ll star making fart noises!! You can prank a lot a of people with it but apart from that, there’s nothing it’ll do.

    Available for iOS

  2. Girlfriend Manager

    Keeping the girlfriend is the biggest challenge a guy faces in the relationship. There is lot for guys to remember – what she likes, what she doesn’t like, what’s looking good on her, what’s making her dislike a place etc etc. This app lets’s you manage all that stuff and help you keep your relationship (and yourself ?) healthy!

    Available for Android

  3. Run Pee

    In for a movie and want to pee but scared that you’ll miss an important scene? This app will tell you when you can take a break and run to the loo!

    Available for Android and iOS

  4. Fake Conversation

    Fake Conversation is probably my favorite app on this list. As the app’s name implies, Fake Conversation allows you to receive fake phone calls, which is great for those situations when you need an excuse to escape from a situation.

    Available for iOS

  5. Fake-A-Text Free

    It’s very much similar to Fake Conversations but it’s texts messages and allows scheduling! There are about a million creative uses for this type of app. You can make your friends think you know a celebrity or you can get yourself out of an awkward situation.

    Available for iOS and Android.