Western Digital Brings Out An 8TB Hard Drive

Is your 2TB hard drive filled to the brink? Western Digital has brought out a new hard drive which will surely make you smile. Western Digital has pushed the upper ceiling by bringing out a new hard drive with an 8TB storage capacity. The new hard drive is part of Western Digital’s My Book Live Duo line. The original My Book Live Duo came with a maximum capacity of 6TB. The new My Book Live Duo houses two user-serviceable 3.5-inch 4TB hard drives. It supports both RAID 1 and RAID 0 configurations. In Raid 1 configuration, you will get at the max, 4TB of storage; this is because the other 4TB drive will be used to store a backup of the data. But one can use the full 8TB capacity in RAID 0 configuration. The My Book Live Duo is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. It also offers access for both local-network and remote users via the Internet. User can even access it using their mobile devices for which WD provides apps for both Android and iOS devices. The 8TB version of My Book Live Duo is expected to be priced around $660.

Source: Western Digital