What To Expect At CES 2013: Sneakpeek

CES 2013The start of the year of the consumer electronics industry will be kickstarted with the Consumer Electronics show 2013 (CES) which will convene at Las Vegas starting on the 8th of January. Many a product launches have been a standard feature of all CES events till date and it mostly starts with the heavyweights of the industry like a Samsung or an Apple. However in this CES this year I don’t expect much of new launches to take place. Especially I donot expect any of the heavyweights expected to make new launches during CES to make any relevant launches except product upgrades or on the accessories front. In this feature presentation therefore I thought of keeping the MachineHappy readers posted on what the CES is expected to bring this year, if not product launches from the heavyweights of the consumer electronics industry.

MachineHappy speak expects the following to happen and not happen over CES 2013.

MachineHappy Speak:

The Consumer Electronics Show is expected to throw up the following in this year’s edition:

  1. Blackberry 10 Preview
  2. Samsung No Show
  3. Product Launches From ZTE, Sony, Huawei, LG
  4. Accessories To Feature High
  • Blackberry 10 PreviewThe Consumer Electronics Show is expected to be an official sneakpeek preview of the Blackberry 10. However I don’t expect Blackberry to showcase any hardware, implying, don’t expect to see the Blackberry 10 new phones to be featured during the Consumer Electronics Show. What could be expected is to see the user interface of the new Blackberry 10 to be in action alongwith the impressive array of new applications that Research In Motion is rumored to have developed as part of its Blackberry 10 OS package.
  • Samsung No Show: Samsung, which has been steering a rapid re-engineering effort on almost all of its flagship product lines namely the Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung Galaxy Note and others, would have been the perfect contender to be expected to make at least a couple of launches utilizing the Consumer Electronics Show as a platform. Samsung’s new offering in the Samsung Galaxy S flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S IV was initially expected in the CES, however now it appears that this will not be the case. The Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be launched later at Samsung’s own release event.
  • Product Launches From ZTE, Sony, Huawei, LG: These companies are expected to actually make a debut of their devices in mobiles as well as other consumer electronic areas like Television and other home appliances. Sony is expected to debut its two new Sony Xperia Z and ZL devices alongwith the probable debut of a new Windows based phone. ZTE and Huawei are apparently debuting a number of phones during CES.
  • Accessories To Feature High: One show I am very much certain about is the showcasing of various unknown accessories that are around and maybe a few launches as well such as the Ubuntu for Android by Canonical, Olloclip, the lens solutions provider for the Apple iPhones. With the near field communications concept rising to become quite the emerging technology in recent times, I do expect accessories to largely fit in NFC concepts and location based services.

This year’s CES will be about lots of electronics and sneakpeeks of whats to come soon, however anything major for the mobile industry will wait out untill later.

For more on what the  CES will be all about keep yourself posted because I will be covering it in and out here.