What to expect from Google on 29th October, New Nexus?

Google has sent out invitations for its next Android event, which is on 29th October. The invitation just says “The playground is open”. So it’s anybody’s guess to what the invitation is for. But we can speculate, can’t we? There are two things expected most from Google; A new Nexus device or a new version of the Android OS. For our take on the new Nexus and the new Android OS, read our previous post. And for those who just want to know what the event might be about, here is my guess. The event is most likely to be the launch of the new Nexus smartphone. Why do I think so? Mainly because it has been a year since the last Nexus smartphone was launched. And about the new Android OS, it is less likely. Since Google won’t jeopardise the sales of recently launched Jelly Bean devices. All that we can do now is sit back and wait till 29th October. You can catch the event live online at Youtube.com/Android. We would love to know your opinion on what Google is going to launch on 29th October, so please comment below your opinion.