What’s New In Jelly Bean Update For Samsung Galaxy S3?


If you were surprised about getting the new jelly bean update for your Samsung Galaxy S3 a few months back, it’s time for more surprises from Samsung’s Magic Box of update. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 just got better with really cool upgrade to watch out for.

So you will be thinking what’s so WOW! in this new update of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S3?

Lets check out the new list of features added by the update.

  • Notification panel customization.
  • Multi window.
  • Side bar for multiwindow.
  • Floating keypad.
  • Page buddy
  • Gallery
  • Album view
  • Paper artist

urlNotification panel customization: Your Notification panel just got better with the new slots to add more shortcut’s on your notification tray so that you can select any option easily and it is just one click away.

Multi Window : This is the new feature which is provided in the present update of new Android version 4.1.2 where the user can have multi window and can multi task at the same time. when you select the multi window option from the notification tray then the new side bar appears at the side of your screen from which you can select the different applications you want to run on your multi window screen. Also you can make the side bar disappear by holding the back button pressed for few seconds so that the tray button does not  disturb you when you are doing your other important stuffs like texting or writing message on WassApp.

Floating Keypad: Also when you are using the multi window option you might be using the applications for writing a mail or message at that time you need a keypad to type and if it is present the usual way it might hide the other application and that will spoil the purpose of multi window. Samsung has worked on this feature pretty well and made sure that the users are not disappointed.

Page Buddy: The new feature added by update which will really amaze you and truly lives upto the name “Designed For Humans”. This feature changes the application according to the need of the users on the screen.For Example if you insert your head phones then  all the media related applications like the music player or video player will be available on the bottom apps tray.

urlGallery: The gallery also got updated with it’s new album mode. Here the pictures are responsive and change their layout according to the zooming sizes. Along with the album mode you are provided with two more modes like row mode and spiral mode which is really cool.

Paper Artist : After you have upgraded to the new feature you will find a new app installed in your Smartphone which is the new Paper Artist. This app gives you more options to play around with your images and turn them into amazing portraits and sketches.

Well Samsung has never lagged behind in making it’s customers amazed with new features and greedy to expect more from them every time. We can now just enjoy this new upgrade for time being and expect something really soon from Samsung’s Magic Box of updates.

So have you upgraded to new Android 4.1.2 on your Samsung Galaxy S3 yet?