Whats Up Whatsapp: Facebook?

Whats up with Whatsapp? Whatsapp, a runaway hit app in the multi-platform mobile messaging application segment is reportedly being considered for an acquisition by Facebook. Now that’s a big story because that would imply that Facebook which is a free social networking and communication platform even in its mobile application would be moving into the large scale mobile messaging segment via Whatsapp. Whatsapp which is a paid application allows users to message images, videos etc and of course messages. Its garnered a rapid and large scale following in a very short time period. As such an acquisition by Facebook would be a thing to watch out for because that would imply a very distinctive entry of Facebook into the mobile arena and establish the next level of user touchpoint. Right now Facebook garners a user base of mor then 1 billion per month and Whatsapp could be its aid in moving up to reach out for the next user base of another odd billion.

An acquisition as such could culminate in the next big thing we get used to on the communication front.