WhatsApp Free For iOS : Available Now On

WhatsApp the infamous application that has turned the in word for most of the younger genre folks today is now available for iOS in a free download. Yes, that’s exactly what you heard. Previously WhatsApp used to cost $0.99 for use but now its iPhone application is available for free download. The WhatsApp is free for Android based phones too but is chargeable at $0.99 after the first year of usage.

WhatsApp is a multi-network application that can be utilized to send messages along with exchanging videos and images via any data connection of any network. In some earlier occurences WhatsApp was being rumored to be in the process of a takeover by Facebook to strengthen its mobile communication presence but as of now there’s no hint of any such takeovers happening.

WhatsApp Here:

The free WhatsApp application for iPhones can now be downloaded from the iTunes app store from the following link:



iPhone WhatsApp Screenshot: