Why Nexus Tabs Over Mini-iPads

When it comes to tablets, then I will never suggest any user to buy an android tablet if the price to be paid goes beyond 30k. The reason is very obvious, an iPad  has the best combo of hardware and software in thatdevice). But with the upcoming new android tablets by Google in the range of 15k to 25k, this Nexus Android tab series is a better choice than iPad (in low cost range.)


Reasons for selecting Google Nexus tablets over Mini-iPad


Android device manufacturers have been playing with the hardware of the device with a single motive of avoiding the lag and making the UI more fluid with every upgrade.
As of now they can reach to a conclusion that a quad-core processor might be the best hardware interface to run Android and the results are viable from the release and review of Samsung Galaxy S3. In case of Nexus 7, Nvidia Tegra is a quad-core processor which atleast makes me believe that Android might be stable on that device. This is one of the most important reasons which can poke a user to go for these tablets. So, it is great that you are laying your hands on a quad core processor device with price less than 20k.

Improved Play Store

Secondly, Google Play Store. I know that developing an iOS app is much simpler as compared to an Android app. Moreover, it is also expected that there are many iPhone users as compared to android users but let me tell you that this difference is going down at a very high rate. Considering the countries like China and India where the number of users using a smartphone is substantially high but the majority of users use low-end Android devices and now I can see the replica of almost of all the application of iPhone App Store in Google Play Store. Unless you are a geek, you can find all the useful applications on Android Play Store.

After service Cost

If your Apple iPad is not under warranty and you want to get that repaired then you must know that it can only be replaced and for that you will have to pay a good amount which is like 11,000 INR in case of the replacement of iPhone 4 and 14,000 INR in case of iPhone 4S. Even if your data cable or your earphones get damaged then the cost of a single data-cable is 1650 INR (approx.). Seriously, should I pay that much for a simple strand of wire or that of earphones?
Now when it comes to Android device then you don’t have to worry much about the devices if it gets damaged then it can be easily repaired in much cheaper prices moreover data cables and other equipment for the tablet are much cheaper as compared to Apple iPad. Moreover in many countries, Apple over prices its product like Australia, India and more.

I think the reasons mentioned above include all the features considered by a customer while buying a gadget, whether it be price, gadget spec, or the applications for the usage. I know that these points will never be considered by the Apple Fanboys, but still they can be considered good if a user wants to spend economically.