Why YouTube Should Not Be Banned In Pakistan


All the internet users in the Pakistan would have got happy when the government decided to remove the ban yesterday but all their happiness went in vain when it was again blocked just after 3 minutes, according to New York Times.

The ban was imposed on Sept. 17 following violent protests in response to the video, which was made in the United States and ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad. The government then ordered all telecommunications companies to block Internet material deemed offensive to Muslims and urged people to report such material.

But the ban on YouTube came to be seen as censorship, and a growing number of the estimated 25 million Internet users in the country complained.

“This is purely a naked power play by the government and one that we should resist,” an editorial in The Express Tribune, an English-language daily newspaper in Karachi, Pakistan, said Friday. “This is about controlling our behavior and denying us access to the Internet.”

“We need to make it clear that we do not wish to regress to a dark age when a centralized authority controlled all access to information,” the editorial, observing the 100th day of the ban, went on to say. “Retreating to such an era would essentially mean that we were longer living in a democracy.”

According to the Democratic law every one has the right to see whatever he wants and use whatever he likes to. In china there is the great firewall of china which blocks all the sites which provides the information against the communist regime. Looking at Iran even the Pakistan government should come up with something like a new video sharing site or blocking the unwanted contents on Youtube and make it available for the users so that they can benefit from other important stuffs which are present on Youtube. Barring the people from the outside world technology to keep them safe, will it help for the development of the people or keep them back in the race compared to the people of other countries who get more exposure and can come up with new ideas of sharing and benefiting each other?

The flip-flop drew an immediate rebuke from users and led to a flurry of jokes on Twitter about the government’s dithering and backtracking.

Image By Heralddawn