Will iPhone5 Sales in China Make any Difference To Apple’s Decreasing Market?

The iPhone 5 made its highly-anticipated arrival in China today, but despite strong pre-orders (China Unicom received 300,000 pre-orders), Has this helped  Apple to retain it’s position at NO1 spot?

According to TechCrunch, though iPhone is hugely popular among Chinese consumers, this may not be enough to hold onto the interest of China’s 290 million smartphone users. China is still Apple’s second-largest market, but iPhone sales are slowly  losing grip in the market due to the competition from Samsung and Nokia, as well as domestic handset makers such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, all of which have produced cheaper Android-based devices. Earlier this month IDC reported that Apple’s ranking in China’s smartphone market fell two spots to sixth place during the second quarter, while rival Samsung took first place.

Furthermore, China Mobile and Apple must hammer out differences over revenue models. China Mobile CEO Li Yue said earlier this month that “China Mobile and Apple still have to solve many issues, such as the business model, articles of cooperation and revenue division, but I believe we will reach an agreement eventually.”

Source: CNBC