Windows Phone 8 devices pre-order: 21st October

As per the information received by ‘The Verge’, the Windows Phone 8 devices will be available for pre-order from 21st October. Among the phones, HTC 8X and Lumia 920 will be the first to get out for the customers and then Samsung Ativ Smart PC and Asus Vivo Tab RT will be among the new Windows Phone 8 tablets.


Other devices will be revealed by the end of this year as per the Microsoft spokesperson. Other Windows Phones including HTC X+, HTC VX, Nokia Lumia 820 will be available later and as of now no smartphone will be actually available till the early week of November. The reason being, this pre-order is for the launch of the event on 26th October, when Windows Phone devices will be launched.


Windows Phone 8 is again a whole new version of Windows Phone OS and all the previous devices using Windows Phone 8 will not be able to upgrade themselves to this OS. Windows Phone 8 claims to be lighter as it is using the file-system which will be used on your Windows 8 PC edition. This gives a huge domain for the developers to create the applications as all the Windows applications already available on Windows PC as of now will be made available for the phone devices also (after some conversion in the application).

Now when Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone 8 have already joined their hands, I hope this will be the last gamble played by Microsoft with Nokia after the failure of Windows Phone and Windows Phone 7.

Source: The Verge