Windows Phone 8 to arrive by 2012 end!

For all the Microsoft fans out there! Windows Phone 8 might be out very soon with much advanced features than the previous versions. Lumia models have got a good response in the market which carried Windows operating system in them. Microsoft also benefitted hugely from that step of introducing Windows Operating system on Lumia models in terms of market share; giving good competition to Android and iOS.


There is now some news that the Finnish maker Nokia will bring Windows phone 8 into the market through the Lumia models by the end of this year. It is a good move from Microsoft to continue partnering with Nokia for the release of newer version which will have microSD memory card support, high resolution displays, multi-core processors with a greater degree of phone compatibility.
There were some posters rumoured in the internet about the Windows Phone 8 platform through Nokia gadgets and such marketing is in progress from both the companies. ‘Apollo’ is expected to be the name for the new version.
This is some exciting news, isn’t it? With many mobiles expected to be on the cards, also iPhone 5 later this year, it will be interesting to see the performance of Windows Operating System powered gadgets! Will Microsoft bag more share in the market or will other models continue to have a dominant share? Only time must show…


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