Now Sync All your Contacts Together Using App


Are you stuck, where to get the contact name and details to send message or mail to someone who messaged you long back.Well don’t worry anymore writethatname is the super awesome email assistant app that extracts the contacts from all your mail accounts also the mails whenever and where ever you want any time.New contacts are saved & updated automatically (new number/ address…), in one or more of your email accounts. You can sync seamlessly with your mobile devices, and stay updated on the go. This feature scans your emails years back, saving any unregistered contacts, as well as updating changes in old existing contacts. It saves us from the trouble finding the new phone number, address or company name for a contact in our GMAIL contact list specially those who had changed jobs, changed cell phones, even changed emails.

0Premium Features:

  • Address Book Updates: It analyzes the contents of your email messages and detects new contacts or updated details.
  • Multi-Account: can manage and aggregate several email accounts to update all of your contacts.
  • CRM Synchronization: The contacts of your CRM (HighRise, Salesforce) also stay up-to-date thanks to
  • Mobile Synchronization: All the changes made to your address book are of course available on your mobile.

Check out this new app today. You can get the trial version for one month of writethatname app from here.

Note: It not just syncs your email contacts but you can also sync your twitter,linkedin and other contacts too.

Source: writethatname