New Year Deal – “XBOX Games Just For 99 Cents”

Well good news for all the windows phone users. Windows is cutting down the prices on some of the popular Xbox games for everyone this New Year. It is celebrating New Year by slashing down the prices on several popular Windows Phone games to just 99 cents. Not only the kids but also game lovers like me can spend their lazy holidays by making new records on this fun filled Xbox games.

The Xbox games which are included in this list are:

Contre Jour

Blurring the lines between games and interactive art, Contre Jour welcomes you to a hauntingly beautiful world shaped by the interplay of light and darkness.

You have to use your finger to morph the landscape, propelling the mysterious creature Petit to safety. Pull, swipe, and tap gadgets such as tendrils, air geysers and pulleys to complete clever puzzles. Awesome controls to change the environment around you and master the different elements like portals, slingshots, tentacles, blowers and lot more.

Doodle Jump

Leap from platform to platform, finding your way higher and higher using brilliant power-ups like springs, propeller hats, and jet packs. Jump, Jump and Jump till you reach the top,make some record s just by jumping and if you think that’s easy then watch out for the obstacles on your way to the top.

Warning: This game is very addictive.


Discover the emotions in this award-winning exclusive, a quirky puzzle adventure that lets you change how your character feels. “It’s time to play with someones emotions” that sounds a bit develish but dont worry here you are not hurting any one but playing with your character and solving puzzles.It has got some cool features to look out for

  • Touch, tilt and shake the phone to change your character’s emotions!
  •  Each emotion unlocks a brand new ability!
  •  12 emotion inspired worlds to explore for hours of carefully crafted gameplay!
  •  Stunningly textured artwork, cute characters and physics based puzzles!
  •  20 Xbox LIVE Achievements!
  •  Trophies to earn!
  •  Leaderboards!

.geoDefense Swarm

With dizzying vectorized visuals, vexing challenges and highly kinetic gameplay, the thinking man’s tower defense game returns. Instead of defeating creeps along a pre-defined path, geoDefense Swarm challenges you to use your creativity, building mazes for the creeps to navigate across obstacle-laden open levels.

New features which are present in the game are:

  • New Tower, new Creep, new Challenges! With the aClassic ‘Open Field’ Tower Defense Gameplay.
  •  30 Levels, Each With its Own Unique Challenges.
  • One ‘Endless’ Level in Each Difficulty Group – the Creeps Keep Comin’!
  • geoDefense Swarm is Xbox LIVE Enabled – Featuring Online Leaderboards.

It gives you ability to compete for the high score with friends on the leaderboards and exclusive Xbox LIVE achievements, this is a tower defense game like no other!

iStunt 2

Hit the slopes for some serious shredding and perform impossible stunts, dodge deadly saws and do incredible jumps in a world where gravity laws have been broken.

Combining outstanding physics, amazingly responsive controls and beautiful retina graphics, iStunt 2 is one of the most fun and original games on Windows Phone 7. With loads of exciting and devilishly tricky levels, iStunt 2 guarantees you many hours of fun. Free your mind in this mind-blowing action-packed adventure pushing the adrenaline to the limit.

Key Features:

  • Amazing graphics.
  • Great Ragdoll Physics.
  • Gravity Inversion and Zero Gravity Zones.
  • Rails, Boosts, Fans.
  • Floating mountains out of nowhere.
  • Leaderboards and lots of achievements.


Use your phone to visit the island of Lemuria and play with, care for and fall in love with your very own cub.Bring your Cub wherever you want and feel the experience of a proud owner to own really amazing creation of nature, your own pet tiger.

The only thing which holds the users back is that most of the game lovers are teenagers and they don’t have credit cards with them so let’s hope that the transition is done by mobile balance also, just like google apps so every one can take the full advantage of this end of year offer by Windows.

Well Merry Christmas!