Yahoo Collaborates With NBC Sports For Broadcast And Online Content

Lately we have seen Yahoo signing a number of deals in order to expand it’s reach and get better everyday.Last month yahoo tag teamed with Samsung Smart TV’s and now it’s NBC Sports. NBC Sports and Yahoo will share and promote content across broadcast TV and online. The deal includes original programming for both Yahoo Sports and NBC Sports, NBC’s Rotoworld fantasy news service coming exclusively to Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo’s well-regarded investigative sports reporting being highlighted on NBC TV.

This wont make a significant change in the working of both the sites. Both the parties will maintain separate sites and news rooms.This is definitely going to add up more talent and depth to NBC’s pool while boosting about the visibility of yahoo brand. New CEO Marissa Mayer has spoken about how the sports page is one of the most important assets to Yahoo, and the new deal could go some way to cementing that status.

With the new signings and deals we can definitely see that Yahoo is trying to make itself stronger and better everyday.Till now it was Smart TV’s and sport’s news so whose next? We can just wait and watch which new new brand is going to associate Yahoo brand next to it.

Source: Yahoo

Image by: ycorpblog