You can delete the history on Facebook

Well it is a known fact that Facebook uses the history of the users from its website to provide advertisements on their home page. They use the likes, shares and comments and one the basis of those feedbacks they populate the advertisement section on your home page. There are many users who will never want their private data browsing history to be used by anyone for purpose. Same is done by Google also but Google always provide the control of their history in the hands of users.


Following the same suit Facebook has also given this same feature to the users for their account and now you can also delete the history by following the steps mentioned below.

  • On your home page click on your name (as highlighted below).
  • Once you are navigated to the other page, click the ‘Activity Log’ as highlighted below.
  • And then once you select ‘All’ on the page, you will see all the history of the activity performed by your on Facebook.

From the above you can delete any particular entry from the log and this feature is only available from your desktop. Now when Facebook is already in the league to provide the users with better Search-engine user experience,