Youm Flexible Display By Samsung- The Next Gen Tablets And Smartphones

 Samsung_Youm_01Just imagine your smartphone or tablet rolled up in your pocket and carried any where you want.Samsung today showed off a new flexible display technology called Youm.

During the company’s keynote address today at CES in Las Vegas, company executives introduced Youm, which is designed to bring out better colors and contrast with a super thin form factor. It uses OLED display technology.

Brian Berkeley, the SVP of Samsung’s display lab in San Jose, California, held up a prototype of a phone that has one of these displays that’s bent around the side of the phone, so you can see updates on the side. The technology will give a new option to the company’s partners make bendable, rollable and foldable displays.Thus it will add new feather to the present existing smartphone and tablet features.

Samsung showed a concept video of just how flexible Youm displays could be. It started out with three actors in a coffee shop, one of whom folds up his high-tech wallet phone thing –imagine a tablet that folds like a bifold wallet. Another one breaks out a tablet that rolls out from something the size of a handheld voice recorder.

Source: cnet