Your New Mood Companion-Musicovery

Everybody have their own mood and what’s the best companion of all type of mood, “Music “. It will be really awesome if we had all your songs sorted according to our mood and just by rolling our fingers on the pad we can set the music accordingly.

 The New mood based app  is now available for all the android users by Musicovery. This app allows you to play your own songs from your own music library or new songs updated by Musicovery which is streamed or transferred to the device or constantly renewed.

When you move your finger over the mood pad, samples are immediately played from your position of your finger. When you are satisfied with your song /mood, lift your finger from the screen to create a playlist from the last song rolled over.

So what more can you do on your Musicovery app, let’s have a glance on its features:

  • It selects the songs according to your mood
  • Select the songs from your mp3 collections when you are in the offline mode.
  • You can select genres also depending on which type of music you love to listen.
  • The songs are divided into different decades you can select accordingly from the list, whether you want to play songs from 50’s or 70’s.
  • When you like the song and add to favorites list more songs like it will be played.
  • When you unlike a song less songs like it will be played. The app acts smart and selects songs according to your choice ,acting as your personal song selector.

Looking at the above features looks like your Mp3 player got its own brain and it helps to make your song selection easy and efficient. MachineHappy rates this app 4 out of 5. With so many above features it is really worth of having a good place in your app list. Just download it today from play store and enjoy it’s cool features.