YouTube Tests New Layout

We all know that YouTube is trying to improve its interface. This is evident from changes that show up on regular basis on the site. And today we have bumped into something new. A completely different YouTube page compared with its present layout.  And it looks amazing. The standard old menu bar has been replaced with more modern looking scrollable menu on the side. But it, sadly, does not respond to mouse clicks and one has to use scroll (be warned no scroll bar) or arrow keys to select categories.

On selecting a category, a horizontal list of videos are displayed, again one will have to use scroll (horizontal scroll) or arrow keys (side arrows) to go through this list.

And now if you click on any of the videos, it starts playing on full screen, well, not full screen exactly. But, it does cover the entire display area of your browser. The title and other details are shown at the top of the video. The video controls are made to look similar to the ones found on your smartphone. The shortcut keys are displayed at the bottom right corner; these include “home”, “search”, “back” and “more” keys.  On selecting “more”, a list containing things like related videos, videos from uploader etc are shown and all these are displayed over the video, which is playing. The only thing missing are the comments (couldn’t find them).

Overall the new layout looks stunning, but it can be made better, especially from those who use something called a mouse!!  If you want to try out the new layout the easiest way is to go to “” or else click here.