Zus Smart Car Charger

Charing phones while traveling is a common thing these days. People don’t have time to keep their phones for charging while at home as they are constantly in need of their device. But it’s very often seen that one does not get to charge his/her phone completely because the power isn’t enough.

Zus 2

Zus Smart Car Charger eliminates that issue as is charges your phone twice as fast as the other ones in the market. Not only does it charge faster, it even detects what power your phone can sustain and transfer just the right amount.

Zus Smart Charger comes with an LED light that lets you know where the device is even while traveling in the night. It completely eliminates the difficulty one faces in finding the charger without turning on the lights inside the car.


Still not impressed? Here’s another huge feature of this Smart Charger – IT FINDS YOUR CAR! Yes, that’s right. We all face the issue of leaving the car is a parking lot and then just don’t seem to remember where it is. Zus Smart Charger tells you exactly where you have parked your car and directs you to it through the Zus App.

Zus 1

The German design makes it look trendy and it’s smart chipset make’s it the one of best car charger available in the market right now. Nonda also claims that Zus can take the heat and that it meets US Millitary MIL-STD-810G high temperature standards.