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At Price Range Of 25k Only OP2 Is The Best??


At price range of 25k only OP2 is the best??


Hi yes OnePlus 2 64GB   is the best at 25k price range there isn't anything which is better untill u hit the 30k mark. 

Mobile In 10k With Good Camera,4g And Good Battery Backup


Mobile in 10k with good camera,4g and good battery backup


Hi Ezy, you can go for Lenovo A7000   its one of the best phones under budget. has a great cam 4g and comes with pretty hefty battery .

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Best 4G Mobiles India
Best 4G Mobiles India has 1137 Mobiles to choose. The Best 4G Mobiles India to be available is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual Sim. Mobile tech has been evolving faster than any one imaged in the last decade. Not only has the hardware been making huge improvements in performance speed, cameras, screen quality but even the networks have been upping their game with faster access to internet at more affordable prices than ever. Just a few years ago Edge speeds were the norm and Mobiles were used mostly just to check emails or maybe occasional Facebook and other social media and with the emergence of 3G the speed instead drastically and lot more was possible on hand held devices thanks to high speed internet and browsing even video streaming to a certain extend was done with ease. Then came the 4th generation of mobile telecommunications technology also known as 4G but at the beginning this was mostly used only in flag ship devices from companies like LG, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony and Motorola and also cost quite a bit to get access but in return you had speeds rivalling fibre broadband and u were able to do just about anything on the go with access to the high speed. Slowly the 4G technology is becoming and norm on all smart phones and with prices for 4G service being same as the 3G in most places all you need is a 4G capable smart phone to enjoy the benefits of the same. Here are some of the best 4G phones available in India right now. . The page was last updated on November 21, 2019.