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Best CDMA Mobiles Under 20,000


Preferable HTC -Best CDMA Mobiles under 20,000


Hi This is slightly over your budget :  HTC Desire 826 but its the best possible CDMA phone in and around this budget since the CDMA options avaiable in India are extremely low.

Cdma Gsm Mobile



Hi could u please specify your budget? 

Cdma Smart Phone


Cdma gsm mobile


Could u specify your budget?

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Best CDMA Mobiles India
Best CDMA Mobiles India has 231 Mobiles to choose. The Best CDMA Mobiles India to be available is HTC Desire 828 Dual Sim 3GB RAM. Best CDMA Mobiles India mentioned on this page are amongst the best ones available in India. The data for these best Best CDMA Mobiles India are sourced from official sites of the manufacturers in India. Looking for a good CDMA phone is not a good idea as you find yourself restricted when u wish to buy one. Most of the CDMA phones are dual sim and are not high end but budget phones, but it can be observed that HTC have come up with very good CDMA flagship phone with great performance. Comparatively, there are much more low end budget CDMA phones in the market. The page was last updated on August 26, 2019.