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Phone Without Camera


I need phone for office. No camera. No video. No GPRS. No Bluetooth. No WiFi. No dual SIM. Single SIM only. With above constraints I want Best battery with highest talk time and standby time. Largest available internal memory for SMS. Largest available phone book. FM radio (wireless preferable). Best screen quality available in this segment with biggest size available. Common call list for sent and received calls. QWERTY full keyboard if available. There is no budget constraint.


Hi you can go for Nokia 101   its the only one in stock which meets your needs. 


Siddhy, thanks for your advice. Perhaps I will be unable to buy this model as it shows 'dual SIM' capability. It also shows 'MicroSD' external card capability. My present phone is N100 which is very similar (but single SIM). Anyway I will cross check. Thanks again.

Dual Sim With Good Battery And Good Processor


I need a dual sim smarphone with very good battery and should be of reasonable price without any negative reviews


There is no device availabile across the globe which does not have any negative reviews.Please specify the exact price range in which u are ready to buy a smartphone with the required specifications mentioned above in the question.

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Best Dual Sim Samsung Mobiles India
Best Dual Sim Samsung Mobiles India has 148 Mobiles to choose. The Best Dual Sim Samsung Mobiles India to be available is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual Sim Samsung provides the flexibility of using two sim cards on its smartphones. This functionality is not only available on highend smartphones but also on low budget and mid budget smartphones. Samsung understands the need of its customers and it has packed its devices with this feature. Samsung's Galaxy Y Duos was the first smartphone from Samsung to offer this features and as they say rest is history. Now most of the samsung devices carry dual sim. Best Dual Sim Samsung Mobiles India mentioned on this page are amongst the best ones available in India. The data for these best Best Dual Sim Samsung Mobiles India are sourced from official sites of the manufacturers in India. The page was last updated on November 12, 2019.