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Hello....just Wondering Letv Mobiles Have Any Service Centres In India


Hello....just wondering letv mobiles have any service centres in india


Hi there aren't offically launched in India yet so there wont be any service options. there wont be any untill they ofically launch which is soon. 

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Letv Mobiles in India has 1 models being sold in the market. Letv Le 1S is the best Letv Mobiles available in the market at a price of Rs.10999. The latest Letv Mobiles to be available is Letv Le 1S at a price of Rs.10999. Letv Le 1S is one of the most popular Letv Mobiles, available for best online price at flipkart.

Letv is an up coming player in India but a pretty well known name in China already. Company sales model is quite similar to already well establied and loved brand in India like Xiaomi. Letv is one of the tier one manufactuers in China and what this means is that you get high quality and well built products at with great specs at affordable pricing. LetV has said that it will enter Indian market with disruprive pricing and super phone both which just enforces the fact that they will be targeting to sell high quality well specced devices at affordable pricing and LetV products will be something to watchout for everyone in the market for great devices on budget friendly pricing.  Letv Mobiles has 1 Mobiles being sold in the market. Letv Le Max is the costliest Mobiles of Letv in the Indian market with a price of Rs.38999.

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