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Branded Smartphone With Good Camera And Performance


The phone must be good for photography and selfies, and it must be good for multitasking and gaming it must have a nice battery life


Suggest the phone under 10000

Micromax Phone 10,000 Range With Gud Camera And Battery Backup


I m having a budget of r/s 10,000 please let me know which brand phone i will choose that will give me gud camera quality and backup also the Ram


Hi Nishi, Xiaomi Redmi 1s is the best option just take a look at its specifications, it provides you with the specification of Moto G at the price of Moto E Xiaomi Redmi 1S Quad Core Processor with 8MP of primary camera and 2 MP of secondary camera. You wont get anything better than this till 12,000 INR I would never recommend any Samsung devices in this price because they are really really useless devices, they will start lagging after few months and you will not be able to make even a single call. It good to buy to expensive Samsung devices but not the cheaper ones.

Which Smart Phone To Buy


I am looking for following: 1. Skype 2. MS Office 3. Excellent battery life 4. Pocket sized - not too big in size 5. Price between 10 - 20,000 6. Good daylight readibility 7. GPS


Mi3 can be a very nice option for you.. It is really a featured packed device from chinese brand which is operating on Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor supported by impressive 2GB RAM. It also sports FHD display and supports 16GB of storage memory. Camera may not be so impressive in dark light but its good for brighter subject. When the device was last made avilable on flipkart it sold around 10,000 units in around less than 3 mins. Next distribution cycle will be on 5th aug on flipkart. So you may try to order for device on 5th aug or if the similar demands continues for the device then you may need to wait for few days more. Xiaomi Mi3 Apart from this Moto G can be your 2nd option. It is good device for 14K since it has a nice harmony of specs with a primium built. Both of the device have decent battery but since you are saving good amount with this devices from your budget range, you can purchase power bank and make sure you have lots of battery back up when you are travelling.

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Best Nokia Mobiles Under Rs.10000 India
Best Nokia Mobiles Under Rs.10000 India has 113 Mobiles to choose. The Best Nokia Mobiles Under Rs.10000 India to be available is Nokia Lumia 820. Best Nokia Mobiles Under Rs.10000 India mentioned on this page are amongst the best ones available in India. The data for these best Best Nokia Mobiles Under Rs.10000 India are sourced from official sites of the manufacturers in India. List of low priced Nokia mobiles that are under Rs.10,000 is based on features and performance. This list mostly dominated by the Asha series of phones from Nokia, with three Windows phone - Lumia 530 and Lumia 630 are powered with latest Windows Phone 8 offering great value for money.Nokia does not have any android phones and the more powerful Windows phones are pegged in the Rs 15000 range.The low priced Asha series is a great value for money if you looking for a basic smartphone for the usual Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter related activity. New entrants such as the Lumia 630 with Dual Sim and Windows 8.1 are adding another dimension to this segment. The page was last updated on September 23, 2019.