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BlackBerry Tablets Price List in India
Prices for BlackBerry Tablets in India were last updated on December 7, 2019. BlackBerry Tablets in India has 3 models being sold in the market. BlackBerry PlayBook (Wi-Fi/64GB) is the best BlackBerry Tablets available in the market at a price of Rs.25000. The latest BlackBerry Tablets to be available is Blackberry PlayBook (Wi-Fi/32GB/4G) at a price of Rs.15000. BlackBerry PlayBook (Wi-Fi/64GB) is one of the most popular BlackBerry Tablets, available for best online price at 25000. BlackBerry, the Canadian handset manufacturer is well known worldwide for it's professional range of handsets. It's customers also referred it as crackberry. Looking at the inclination of consumers towards phablets and tablets blackberry launched its first tablet in April 2011. This tablet was Blackberry playbook. This was the first tablet QNX Neutino real time operating system. Blackberry currently offers only 3 tablets in India. Blackberry was not able to create products as per the market need and pricing factor killed its market for tablets. Blackberry has been criticized for its poor range of products under tablet category. Company currently does not seems to be adding more tablets. None of it has been announced so far. The page was last updated on December 7, 2019.